Design anytime, anywhere. Everything is changed.  Design is changed.

Companies are not just designing products, services, and experiences, they are removing obstacles, overcoming excuses, and pushing the limits by providing solutions for right problems. Solution supports strategy, strategy enhances brand, branding earns users/customers. So, it is not a good idea to build up solution in cubicles, meeting rooms, in isolation from users/customers. Today design has become a competitive advantage for companies to stay relevant and to survive in the next decades.

This training is a co-creation team effort of Service Designers, Industrial Engineers, Design Thinkers, Rocket Scientist Engineers, Dr graduated at MIT on Design Thinking with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Methods and Creative Problem-Solving experts. All the techniques in this training are tested with real clients and we can proudly say that this is a solid advanced training!


Employees and organizations need change. They could be described as creative knowledge workers. They should be motivated, inspired, have open communication, are creative and be more engage with the company.

Design Thinking is shifting from a skill to a movement.

Companies and organizations can provide their employees and co-workers opportunities to improve their design thinking capability.

Design Thinking as a culture.

Organizations can transform into a Design Thinking and design doing Culture. Design Thinking should be part of everyday work in business, from bottom to top. Design Thinking is related to creativity –and creativity is like a muscle. It can be developed.


  • How to use LEGO SERIOUS PLAY Methods in the different phases of Design Thinking
  • That empathy is the key to Design Thinking
  • How to capture insights from fact-finding
  • The power of diversity of thinking
  • How to play for innovation, how to increase innovative thinking through storytelling and language development ​
  • How to incorporate micro bites of playful learning to make your content stick ​
  • Fast prototyping and testing
  • Design sprinting techniques
  • Improve communication and human interactions
  • How you can tackle issues like listening, remembering, focusing, deferral of judgment